Standards and coffin drapes


Past Members Association StandardWe have two Past Members Association (PMA) Standards available for display at formal and ceremonial events, and have two volunteer Standard Bearers, with ceremonial uniform, who are willing to carry the Standard.

A wooden base is also available for static display of the standard as a backdrop for an event.

Carrying straps and gloves are available for loan when the ceremonial uniform wearers are not available.

Coffin drapes

Past Members Association coffin drapeOur coffin drape is available on request from families of past members of the Service.

There are two drapes available for use, these are in addition to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) shroud, the use of which is restricted to the funerals of serving HFRS personnel.

Requesting use of the Standards or coffin drapes

One Standard and one drape is held at Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters under the care of the Central Services team, the other Standard and drape is held by PMA Secretary.

A request for use should be made by contacting the PMA Secretary, if this is unsuccessful, a request can be made by contacting the Central Services team at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters.

There is no charge for use of the Standards or drapes, however, all items loaned must be returned in good condition together with any protective covers or bags.