The Fire Fighters Charity

Did you know you’re a lifetime beneficiary of The Fire Fighters Charity?

The Charity is there to support you, your spouse or partner after you leave the fire and rescue service and for the rest of your life. You can access the same support now as when you were serving, even though you’ve left the service.

How can The Fire Fighters Charity help you?

Life can prove challenging at the most unexpected of times and when it does, The Fire Fighters Charity will be there to help you. They can provide you with personalised support to meet your mental, physical and social needs, delivered in the most appropriate way for you.

So, whether you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, recovering from an injury or illness, in need of support with a long term condition or struggling to make ends meet at home, the Charity is committed to working with you to provide help and support wherever they can.

You can find detailed information about how The Fire Fighters Charity can help on their website, or call their Customer Care team free on 0800 389 8820.

(The above information was provided by and is copyright to The Fire Fighters Charity).