The Fire Fighters Charity

Formerly ‘The Ben Fund’, The Fire Fighters Charity aims “to reduce hardship amongst firefighters past and present and their dependants.”

Their vision is to make a positive difference by supporting people in the fire and rescue community when they are in need.

Who do they help

The Charity’s services are available for all eligible employees and former employees of the fire and rescue service, including uniform and non-uniformed staff and their dependants.

Retired Hampshire firefighter Arthur Stubbington and his wife Susan have both accessed the Charity’s services.  Listen to Arthur and Susan’s story, filmed as a case study for The Fire Fighters Charity Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

Read more on who The Fire Fighters Charity helps.

Their services

  • Rehabilitation: Personalised to meet your needs, professional, comprehensive and empowering, the Charity’s residential programme offers an integrated approach to rehabilitation. Through support and guidance from their dedicated team, their aim is to provide you with tools to self-manage your condition at home. Their rehabilitation programme aims to support individuals with both physical and psychological needs. Read more about The Fire Fighters Charity rehabilitation programme.
  • Health and Wellbeing: This service is aimed at individuals with lifestyle associated and long term conditions, for example. diabetes; heart disease; arthritis; general effects of ageing; planned orthopaedic surgery for wear and tear. It incorporates appropriate levels of supervised activity, along with advice and education on important areas often experienced by people with long term conditions. This programme also aims to support individuals with both physical and psychological needs. For more information and to find out if the Health and Wellbeing programme is right for you, please contact the Customer Care Team.
  • Nursing: Nursing support is offered at Jubilee House for those with nursing or personal care needs. The nursing team offer 24 hour support to those beneficiaries with neurological, degenerative, musculoskeletal conditions and other conditions. The team is dedicated to providing a high quality individualised care, whilst re-enabling individuals to achieve optimum rehabilitation potential or improving on or stabilising quality of life. The service provides a friendly, caring and trusting environment where clients become empowered to be proactive in their rehabilitation need. The nursing service has been rated as ‘Good’ overall by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Recuperation: During the course of our lifetime many of us will experience an unforeseen life changing event. These events can often be traumatic and it is during times such as these that The Fire Fighters Charity recognises the benefit of recuperation. Click the link below to download a PDF – taken from the October 2016 issue of Shout! – which further explains the Charity’s recuperation facilities, what is offered and to whom.
  • Advice Information and Support Service: The Charity’s Advice, Information and Support Service supports individuals in the community covering areas such as social care, advocacy, financial support, home adaptations and equipment provision, bereavement support. Working closely with our Registered Home Visitors our team of Community Case Workers and volunteers will handle cases on a national basis, allowing for a cost effective, efficient and timely response to meeting beneficiary need. If you require the support of the AIASS you will be referred to it by the Customer Care Team. Please therefore always contact Customer Care in the first instance as the team is trained to ensure you are directed to the most appropriate service for your needs
  • The child and family programme: Alongside the Charity’s traditional rehabilitation, recuperation and support services, they also offer a 5-day break for families with one or more children with special care needs, that incorporates some activities for the whole family to enjoy. Having a child with care needs can put a great deal of strain on a family, and the Charity’s breaks give parents and siblings the chance to spend quality time together in a safe and welcoming environment. The Child and Family programme – real life story: the Cunnea family.
  • Loss of a loved one: The Fire Fighters Charity can help by providing you with the means to create and publish your own dedication with up to 1500 words and up to 3 photographs on a dedicated page of their website. It also allows additional tribute pages to be added, so personal words, anecdotes and stories can be shared by other loved ones to. Share your memories of a loved one on The Fire Fighters Charity website.

Getting help from The Fire Fighters Charity

Their free, confidential helpline is available to all members of the fire and rescue community:

Whatever your background or situation, their friendly team of advisors has been trained to provide impartial advice, guidance and support on a wide range of concerns.

If The Fire Fighters Charity is unable to help you, please contact the Past Members Association, as we may be able to assist you.

Keeping up to date with The Fire Fighters Charity

The Charity produces a number of publications and newsletters for its beneficiaries, donors, supporters and volunteers. Find out about The Fire Fighters Charity magazines and newsletters, how to sign up for them and even advertise in them.

Sharing personal information (data protection)

Please be aware that any personal information you share with us is only used for the purpose for which it is intended.

However, we may need to pass the information on to other colleagues/organisations in order to give you advice or help you make any necessary arrangements.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a friend or colleague, please make sure they are aware of this, and perhaps clear it with them first.